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Zurbey's Beer List

Acute India Pale Ale ::  OG 1.054, IBU 56, 5.5% ABV

Hopped at four separate times in the brewing process including dry hopped, providing several different angles of hop flavor that is not overwhelming to the palate.


Cornbread Ale ::  OG 1.049, IBU 12, 4.6% ABV

A mild tasting ale brewed with American 2 row malts and corn that is complemented by Saaz hops.


Decorous Extra Pale Ale::  OG 1.044, IBU 46, ABV, 14 SRM

Light in body, but amber in color, this beer is a session extra pale ale with the appearance of a heavier bodied beer. It has a lower alcohol content so you can enjoy a few more.


English Extra Special Bitter ::  OG 1.056, IBU 28, 5.8% ABV

English malts balanced with hops from the UK complete this classic style of beer. The beer is described as extra strong or special indicating the high alcohol content for this type of beer.


Obtuse India Pale Ale ::  OG 1.086, IBU 66, 9.6% ABV

Similar to the Acute IPA, the recipe for the Obtuse IPA was scaled up for a bigger, stronger taste. The Obtuse IPA boasts 9.6% ABV, but the flavor between hops (bitter and aromatic) and malts is well balanced. Obtuse IPA finishes with just a slight taste of alcohol to let you know it is an imperial style beer.


Pumpkin Pie Dessert Ale ::  OG 1.046, IBU 13, 4.7% ABV 

This pumpkin ale is one that you can enjoy from September to December. Pumpkin is used at two different points in the brewing process - early in the mash to produce cider notes and late in the boil to provide pumpkin flavor in your finished beer. Spices used in making pumpkin pie are added just before kegging to produce a beer you will not soon forget. Look for this recipe in ale for around Halloween and saison style during the holidays.


Rotund Imperial Stout ::  OG 1.090, IBU 46, 9.9% ABV

Color is so dark that light cannot seem to escape this high gravity stout. Roasted malts balanced with high bitterness for a stout elegantly mask the high alcohol content. Mouth feel is not overwhelming even with the tall grain bill.


Smoked Brisket Ale ::   OG 1.067, IBU 41, 7.2% ABV, 16 SRM

Brewed with cherry wood smoked grains, honey malts, and dark brown sugar this beer pairs excellent with your meal that's hot of the BBQ. Smoke is not overwhelming, but definitely noticeable.


Wheat Series ::  OG 1.046, IBU 34, ABV 4.8%

This wheat beer features subtle spicy and earthy tones from Chinook hops added late in the boil. Look for different derivations of this one such as coriander, lime, apricot, or orange flavor infusions.


Wetteren Belgian Pale Ale ::  OG 1.060, IBU 32, 6.3% ABV

Named after a town in Belgium, Wetteren features flavors from Belgium grains and yeast, however it's hop accents are from American grown hops typically used in pale ales producing a unique beer.